PrimeNet: Human-inspired Framework for Commonsense Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

A human-inspired framework for commonsense knowledge representation and reasoning.

Behavioural Understanding and Narrative Descriptions from Videos

An effectively and flexibly multimodal system to analyze and narrate real world events captured in video.

Neural Sequence Labeling

An unified and accurate deep learning based approach for various sequence labeling tasks such as POS, Chunking, NER, SRL, Punctuation Restoration and etc.

Removing Backscatter to Enhance the Visibility of Underwater Object

A novel and effective method based on underwater optical model for underwater object visibility enhancement.

Image Enhancement based on Retinex Theory and Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Transform

An improved and effective method for image enhancement based on retinex theory and dual-tree complex wavelet transform techniques.

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. Dual Adversarial Neural Transfer for Low-resource Named Entity Recognition. In ACL, 2019.

. RoSeq: Robust Sequence Labeling. In IEEE TNNLS, 2019.

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. Learning with Annotation of Various Degrees. In IEEE TNNLS, 2019.

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. Towards Verifying Semantic Roles Co-occurrence. In ArXiv, 2018.


. Action Hierarchy Extraction and its Application. In LREC, 2018.

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